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Success Stories

Manipulating pressure points with home-based micro-current acupuncture helps you achieve lasting pain relief quickly and safely. Our Iowa-based company, Altoona Medical Supply, offers equipment to help you stimulate Gushing Spring, Yin Valley, and other points of the body that promote proper energy flow. Read the stories below that reveal the power that acupressure points have to relieve pain and enhance wellness.

Bare Foot

A Gushing Spring

A retired dentist, Dr. Fowler, came into the office of Dr. Amaro, our acupuncture teacher. His wife was suffering from terminal cancer and the pain would not respond to medication. The doctor felt helpless but then he remembered Gushing Spring, a powerful sedation point described in classical Chinese medical literature. He told Dr. Fowler to go home and stimulate Gushing Spring pressure point. For the remaining six weeks of her life, she was comfortable.

To us, Gushing Spring will always be Dr. Fowler's point. Even without one of our TENS units, this technique could be the answer for your pain or for a loved one in pain. Gushing Spring is located in the center of the ball of the foot. To massage it, use your palm to massage the bottom of the foot 80 times with the firm, gentle pressure. This will often put the patient to sleep. Work from the heel to the ball and back. You'll do no harm.

Leg on Fire

An elderly lady came into our teacher's office complaining of a burning pain in her leg. Chiropractic treatments were tried for leg pain and nothing helped. On a return visit, the old lady said, "If only I could pour a bucket of water on my leg and put the fire out." So, he did just that. Using a water point, Yin Valley (K10), Dr. Amaro relieved her fiery leg pain. The next day she came back with cookies for the staff, telling us how wonderful it felt to stand without that burning pain in her leg. Using this point will do no harm.

Back from the Dead

When Dr. Amaro was working his way through school, he was an ambulance driver. One night, he was called to pick up a young man showing no signs of life. His breathing had apparently stopped and no pulse could be felt. CPR was given without success. When putting the body into the ambulance, Dr. Amaro stepped on the man's small finger just below the nail. The patient screamed and woke up. He had stepped on Lesser Surge (HE9), a powerful pressure point that revived him.


The Dying Child

A nine year-old boy was suffering from a wasting condition that no medication seemed to help. The doctors failed at everything they attempted. Finally, the head doctor on the team reluctantly told Johnny's father there was nothing more they could do except keep him comfortable. It was nearing his birthday, and his parents requested that they be allowed to take him out of the hospital to McDonald's for a treat. Permission was granted. Too weak to stand, Johnny had to be wheeled to the car. After the party, the father stopped at Dr. Amaro's office and told him the story. Dr. Amaro looked at the child and said he was sorry, but there was nothing he could do. The disappointment was palpable; his son was going to die.

Then an inspiration came in the form of a memory from classical Chinese medical literature, reminding him of the Tsing Well points. These points promote total integration of blood, lymph, and chi. With a yellow magic marker, Dr. Amaro colored all the Tsing Well points on the fingertips and toe tips that had to be stimulated every four hours. Within a week, the child was stronger and his bloodwork was better. Needless to say, his doctor was amazed, and that nine-year-old boy went on to regain his health. Dr. Amaro received an invitation to his high-school graduation. Don't underestimate the power of the Tsing Well points!

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