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Bio-Electrical Solutions to Control Pain & Disease

Alleviate your pain quickly and safely with a personalized a bio-electric TENS Unit from Altoona Medical Supply. This bio-electric therapy from our Altoona, Iowa-based company offers lasting pain relief and is an excellent treatment for both pain and rehabilitation. We can offer treatment protocals for you and your doctor on how to treat your issue.

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Why Choose Bio-Electrical Therapy

There are many reasons to choose TENS therapy for pain relief. Your personal unit is calibrated to the bio-frequency of natural pain relief, making it a completely personalized therapy. Because of its rapid effects and lack of discomfort and potential aggravation, bio-electrical therapy has also become the treatment of choice for acute and chronic pain suffers as well as "needle-phobic" acupuncture patients. This method may be applied with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) units or electrical muscle stimulators by prescription.

Personalized Pain Control

The key to your pain relief success is the proper formula and electrode placement protocol according to your specific requirements.  As Dr. Donald MacKenzie says, "You must not treat undiagnosed pain." Our staff works with you and your health care professional to guide your pain relief program.

Macular Degeneration

Dry Macular degeneration can be controlled or slowed through use of electrical impulses. Our bio-electric acupuncture solution offers a way to stave off further eye damage.

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