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Bio-Electrical Healing for Improved Wellness

Enjoy the health benefits of bio-electrical acupuncture therapy from Altoona Medical Supply. This therapy, developed at the University of Kyoto, works because all of the body's functions are associated with innate electrical bio-functions. From brain and heart operation to nerve conduction and muscular tension, all body functions, healing, and regeneration need electrical stimulation in order to function properly.

Major Joints

Ancient Electric Healing

Electric energy has been used for healing and pain relief since ancient times. Acupuncture needles have also been in continuous use since the Bronze Age and this is no coincidence. They create low electrical discharges when inserted your body. Now used worldwide, these treatments have been recognized by the World Health Organization as helpful for more than 200 diseases, including pain relief. They can work for you, too!

Promoting Cellular Health

Bio-electric acupuncture speeds the transfer of energy across cell membranes by acting on tiny inclusion bodies with energy in every cell on your body, called mitochondria. These mighty engines produce energy for your body right on the cellular level, powering the processes that repair and get rid of damaged cells. Mitochondria are the tiny engines inside white blood cells that fight infections. Bio-electric acupuncture gives this healing action a boost, helping you get well.

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