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About Us

Experience the positive results possible with micro-current acupuncture from Altoona Medical Supply for yourself! The staff at our company in Altoona, Iowa, has been helping provide pain relief and training for more than 30 years. We estimate that we have helped solve pain problems for more than 186,278 individuals, including doctors, United States government hospitals, and the armed services. Let us work with you to achieve lasting relief.

Combining Electricity & Acupuncture

At Kyoto University, in Japan, Dr. Yoshio Nakotoni, M.D. Ph.D. worked on the concept of enhancing acupuncture with low levels of electricity and developed Ryodoraku, a new autonomic nerve-regulating system. Dr. Nakotoni earned his Ph.D. for the study of the electro-permeability of the skin in 1957, clearing the way for electrical stimulation of acupuncture points without the use of needles.

No Need for Needles

Now, our modern micro-current acupuncture eliminates the needles and the danger of infection, making it safe and effective for you to use at home. Order your own TENS units and other electrical stimulation equipment from Altoona Medical Supply and start experiencing the benefits of this therapy today.

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