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Lasting Pain Relief Without Drugs

A Traditional Yet Modern Method

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Experience quick, lasting relief from your pain with bio-electrical stimulation. Anything ranging from macular degeneration to chronic leg pain, we offer specific techniques for your personalized treatment of a wide range of conditions.

Pain Treatment

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In use for thousands of years, acupuncture is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions. Now, modern technology allows bio-electrical treatment to promote better health at the cellular level through acupuncture points.

Acupuncture Methods

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Practitioners of acupuncture have incredible stories to tell about how it changes lives and promotes healing. Find out what illnesses we have seen healed firsthand through the use of traditional and bio-electrical acupuncture therapy.

Testimonials From Practitioners 

Choose a pain control method that is safe for you!

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 About Altoona Medical Supply

For nearly 40 years, AMS, our Altoona, Iowa-based company has been combining the ancient wisdom of acupuncture points with modern technology, Altoona Medical Supply imports and sells medical grade micro-current acupuncture devices, TENS units and electrical muscle stimulators to doctors and patients with prescriptions. Whether you are suffering from sports injuries, car accident pain, or age-related issues, you can heal and be pain-free with our products. Contact us to learn more about our fantastic methods of healing and pain control.

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